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The beauty and grandeur of this property is worth watching. Residents and investors alike would be too pleased that it is not only the façade that is so welcoming but more than that, all the facilities and amenities that Hotel 101 has to offer will surely be worth the experience.

First of all, the lobby will be grand and would welcome any visitor. This open, spacious lobby has a revolving door, side door entrance and high curtain double-glazed windows, which would make you very impressed. High ceilings and ornate, top-of-the line furnishings – surely once you step in, you know you’re in a happy place. Four high-speed elevators make for easy accessibility for the hotel rooms, too. The most admirable part is that this property is a PWD-friendly establishment with the following: ramps, handrails and toilets that are designed barrier-free and with easy accessibility for all.

The Sky Garden is as refreshing as it sounds. Colorful blooms and greeneries on wide open spaces is what would enthrall you as you breath the clean, fresh air and take in all the amazing cityscapes, mountain and sea views around you.

The Infinity Pool is world-class and anyone can have a heyday using it. It’s best to plan out weekly time-out with family and friends to chill out, especially during summer. Does that sound like a good plan? Have a great bonding time on a weekend. Bring some food or chips. Read a book. Drink your favorite coolers. Just chill. Lounge and enjoy the views around you. The kids can swim to all their hearts’ content. Parents and the older siblings perhaps can have catch-up conversations. Take the day off to unload all the stress away of work, school or business. Maximize the time you have with love ones.

A modern fitness gym is where you can do your daily workouts. Engage and ask your other family members join you as you flex, stretch, jump, hop, bend, run, walk, do crunches and lunges. You will have a grand time here as all the gym equipment are highly advanced and top-of-the-line. Make your daily exercises count and you don’t need to enroll in pricey club or gym memberships, you can do everything here. As they say, “Health is wealth.” Take care of your health as well as your love ones’ well-being.

The retail shops are part of the amenities here. Who says shopping will take time? You can always do it right in the comforts of your home here. The retail shops would have the most popular brands that you all love and will cater to all markets. Shopping definitely gets better here as you can do it within your own neighborhood. Pretty cool, ‘right?

For families, the café in your community can be a favorite hangout. You need not go out of the neighborhood and bond with love ones over your favorite cup of coffee. A café within a few steps from your home surely adds up to the conveniences of modern living here at Hotel 101.

For events and intimate gatherings, function rooms are available here. Whether you’re doing birthday parties, baptismal parties, moving up or graduation parties and maybe some reunions – do it within your own community. It would be less costly and more convenient. Do not look for places outside your neighborhood. Celebrate in style right here in your own place.

As if these amenities are not enough, you would be surprised to know that a helipad is one of its facilities here. Busy people like businessmen, doctors or maybe politicians and those in the public service sector will find this facility very useful and important. Those who would like to maximize their time can make use of this helpful amenity in this property. Convenience at its finest, right?

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