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Double Dragon : Hotel 101 Davao For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio ₱ 5,000,000 21 Other Cuts Available
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1: Spot Cash
Reservation: Php 50,000
10% Discount on TCP
Balance payable in 30 days after Reservation Fee
Option 2: 100% Spread over 24 months
Reservation: Php 50,000
5% Discount on TCP
Balance spread over 24 months
Option 3:
Reservation: Php 50,000
10% DP net of Reservation Fee
20% Spread over 24 months
70% Balance upon turnover
Option 4:
Reservation: Php 50,000
5% DP net of Reservation Fee
25% Spread over 24 months
70% Balance upon turnover

We work hard for our love ones – we want to provide them the best. Who doesn’t want a dream home where warmth and coziness surround the place? It is a community that’s near all the modern conveniences around. An environment of peace, cleanliness and orderliness and where the greeneries blend beautifully with the cityscapes. Such is the feeling when you step into this newest place to hit one of the top livable cities in the world, Davao City.

A green city, a child-friendly city, a smoke-free city – one that is constantly in bloom. The pace of its progress and development is phenomenal so if you’re looking for a place to live and invest in, make it here at Hotel 101 in Davao City. You would be certain that the investment is a wise, worthy and judicious one. With the rate of the city’s rapid growth, this property would be appreciating fast in a few years. Who wouldn’t love that? A wonderful place to stay and live that gives you more than what you’ve invested for?

With a sniff of the lovely waling-waling orchids and the bounty of freshest seafood and local fruits for your dining pleasures, you know you’re home. Home is right here at Hotel 101 in Davao City. Mount Apo is not that far behind – you may even have a good glimpse of it as well.

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